Statement from Daria Morozova on court decision on Yulia Prosolova

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman Detention News

Ukrainian authorities again showed their biased attitude and utter disregard for human rights, having sentenced Youlia Prosolova to 12 years of imprisonment under a fabricated case of the murder of SSU colonel Alexander Kharaberiush

Yulia Prosolova has been held in solitary confinement in Lukianovske remand centre for a year. Almost all her ribs are broken, she has lost 25 kilograms. With great effort, we managed to organize her health examination. She has been diagnosed with an oncological disease.

Since the day when Yulia was detained, she has been experiencing moral and physical pressure. One of the examples is refusing the services of a lawyer hired by her mother. The use of illegal methods of interrogation is a violation of the human rights to a fair trial and an effective remedy. Also, I would like to note that the hearing at the request of the prosecution was held behind closed doors and details of the trial were not disclosed, allegedly “due to safety issues”. The question is what are these safety issues?

I was shocked by the fact that just a few days after we managed to organize a visit of representatives of international organizations to Yulia, the court came up with the unlawful verdict. Such a rapid decision is a clear evidence of pressure imposed on the judicial system by Kiev.

I am going to approach international organizations and ask them to give a legal assessment of the actions of Ukrainian authorities. The verdict on Yulia Prosolova’s case will be the first issue on the agenda at the next meeting of the Humanitarian Subgroup in Minsk.