Statement by Daria Morozova on unacceptable approach of Kiev representatives to negotiations in Humanitarian Subgroup

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman Detention News

The lack of professionalism of the official representative of Ukraine in the Humanitarian Subgroup has gone beyond limits. This person systematically ignores the meetings. She provides distorted information, which misleads Ukrainian people about the situation with the negotiation process. Her behaviour once again confirms that the Ukrainian side does not intend to resolve the conflict in Donbass peacefully. Her statements to the representatives of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics do not have a personal character. This is an insult to all people living in the territory of Donbass. She has been indifferent to the fate of our citizens since 2014. This attitude incites hatred and animosity, which is completely opposed to the idea of restoring peace in Donbass. We defend the interests of all residents of the Donetsk region on both sides of the contact line.

The incompetence of the representative of Ukraine blocks the negotiation process in the Humanitarian Subgroup. Instead of addressing issues on the agenda, Ambassador Tony Frisch has to refute the false public statements by individuals representing the Ukrainian delegation. I am sure that the priority for the current Ukrainian government should be not to aggravate the conflict, but to resolve it peacefully as soon as possible.

I hope that the government of Ukraine will take appropriate measures, thereby ensuring that representatives who are authorised to make decisions on all items on the agenda attend the next meeting.