Statement by Daria Morozova on persecution by SSU of AFU serviceman’s relatives that defected to DPR

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman News

The Ukrainian authorities once again demonstrate their disdain for the rights and freedoms of civilians. This is evidenced by the application of methods of psychological influence to obtain the necessary information, as well as pressure on supporters of the DPR through the persecution of their relatives living in Ukraine.

A former serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, A.V. Kapitsky, born in 1972, addressed the Human Rights Ombudsman in the Donetsk People’s Republic with a request to provide legal protection and assistance in ensuring safety of his relatives. The applicant pointed out that his family members are under psychological pressure by the SSU officers. His mother and father are at risk of illegal persecution.

They often received threats and demands to testify against A.V. Kapitsky, so that he can later be charged with high treason.

In order to ensure the safety of A.V. Kapitsky’s relatives, I sent corresponding letters to the ICRC, the UN and the OSCE.

We call on international organizations to give a proper legal assessment of the actions of representatives of the Ukrainian security structures. It should be reminded that this is not the first case of the use of illegal methods of influencing the relatives of DPR supporters living in Ukraine.