Сrimes committed by Ukrainian military in the DPR (issue 172) (video)

Crimes committed by Ukrainian military (video) News



Civilians were forced to hide in basements for about 8 hours due to heavy shelling by Ukrainian military from Mospino site. In the intervals between attacks they cooked at the open fire in the yard. It was impossible to tell when the next attack begins. As another period of silence started, people went outside and came under heavy shellfire. One of the shells hit the nearby house. All family members, who were inside, died. People who were in the yard nearby sustained injuries, there are casualties. Due to heavy injuries the woman was unable to return to the basement. Then, another shell hit her husband to death and wounded her again. As a result of multiple heavy wounds, the woman has become disabled, undergone 13 surgeries and is currently on treatment. She stayed alive thanks to local residents.

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