Special operation is the only way to stop the genocide against the inhabitants of Donbass – Daria Morozova

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman Daria Morozova News

Kiev not only ignored the peacekeeping call to lay down their arms and voluntarily leave the territories of the Republics of Donbass, but also provoked a new round of aggravation of the military situation along the entire contact line.

Since last night, the AFU have been trying to break through in all directions. The settlements of Gorlovka, Dokuchaevsk, Donetsk, Yasinovataya, Telmanovsky district were under fire by the Kiev siloviki. Direct hits on residential buildings, buildings of social institutions were recorded. Grad MLRS shells the cities and regions of the DPR.

The fire of the AFU damaged 37 houses and 18 infrastructure facilities. At the moment, information about the death of two civilians has been confirmed. Another 11 civilians sustained injuries of varying severity as a result of chaotic Ukrainian shelling.

It is obvious that diplomatic tools do not work, and common sense among the representatives of the Kiev authorities is simply absent. In the current situation, a special military operation to protect the Donbass from the armed aggression of Ukraine, announced by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, is the only way to achieve peace in our land. It is no longer possible to stop the genocide by the Kiev regime in any other way.