Second Saturday of September – World First Aid Day


Time becomes a critical factor when it is about saving a person’ life. Analysis of fatalities as a result of emergencies shows that about 80% of people who died after being seriously injured could survive if they were treated within the first nine minutes of the tragedy. Already after 18 minutes, only about 15% of the wounded people could be saved. At the same time, the standard for the arrival of ambulances for emergency calls is 20 minutes in the city and 30 minutes outside. In some cases (bad weather, poor road conditions, etc.), it is allowed to increase the specified time by another ten minutes.

It is obvious that often the fate of an injured person or a suddenly ill person depend on the actions of those who were nearby immediately after the incident. And it is far from always that these are rescuers, law enforcement officers or military, who are necessarily trained to provide first aid, so it is important for absolutely everyone in modern society to acquire such skill.

It should be noted that first aid is a complex of the simplest medical measures that are performed as self-help or mutual assistance (including using improvised means).

How to stop bleeding? What to do with fractures and burns? How to recognize and act in cases of stroke and concussion? Knowing the answers to these and similar questions, you can save lives, stop pain, prevent or minimize possible negative health consequences.

World First Aid Day was established to support people with these skills and the ability to put them into practice.

In 2000, events dedicated to this date were organized for the first time and since then they have been held regularly on the second Saturday of September, covering more and more countries. In the course of thematic and campaign events, lectures, training seminars, physicians and volunteers motivate the public to acquire and update knowledge on the provision of first aid.