Sailors evacuated to DPR from Mariupol are provided with everything necessary – Daria Morozova

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Daria Morozova met with the sailors evacuated to the territory of the DPR from Mariupol on April 9. The DPR Ombudsman assessed their living conditions, clarified their current needs and answered questions.

It should be noted, that more than 40 crew members of three ships have been blocked in the city port of Mariupol by Ukrainian nationalists since the beginning of the special military operation. The sailors were not able to leave the combat zone in time due to the mining of the water area and they were used by the AFU as a human shield. In the course of the liberation of the Mariupol, the military of the Russian Federation and the DPR released the people on the ships and transferred them to Donetsk.

In the capital of the Republic, these citizens were provided with the necessary assistance, accommodation and meals were provided. Now issues related to the organization of their further travel outside the DPR are being resolved.

These people felt personally what war is, and how the AFU behave towards the civilian population. For its part, the Republic covers all the current humanitarian needs of the sailors and will provide them with maximum assistance,” Daria Morozova emphasized.