Representatives of the Ombudsman inspected conditions of education and accommodation in boarding school №4 in Amvrosiivka

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Representatives of the Human Rights Ombudsman in the DPR Daria Morozova visited State general education establishment “boarding school №4 in the city of Amvrosiivka” with the routine inspection, pupils of which today are 204 children between the ages of 3 and 18. They are orphans and children without parental care. Employees of the Ombudsman’s Office got acquainted with the organization of the educational process, living conditions, food and medical care in the institution.

It should be noted that orphans, disabled children and children without parental care are the most vulnerable groups of minors. In order to facilitate the observance their rights and freedoms, the Ombudsman in the DPR is constantly monitoring the educational environments and living conditions in specialized children’s facilities in all cities and districts of the Republic. This allows promptly identify and resolve problematic issues, to promote increasing of the living standard of children, who are in need of government support.

Representatives of the Ombudsman traditionally visit boarding school №4 in the city of Amvrosiivka several times a year. In 2019, inspections took place here on 5 February and 6 August. As in the course of previous inspections, the inspectors did not reveal any acute problems. At the same time, they noted the positive work of the staff of the institution and the good conditions created for the pupils.

So, in boarding school №4 in the city of Amvrosiivka, the education of children from grades 1 to 11 is organized. There are two preschool groups. The children are provided with seasonal clothing and footwear, school uniforms and the necessary teaching aids. All classrooms are spacious, bright, heated and furnished. The classrooms are equipped with the appropriate inventory and equipment, including laptops, TVs, multimedia projectors. In the office of the service labor there are sewing machines, an overlock machine, kitchen furniture, and an oven. Pupils learn to sew, knit, embroider, and cook food. There are also two workshops: woodworking and metalworking. The guys master the basics of labour occupations, which will allow them to receive technical and vocational education in the relevant areas in the future.

Sports and fitness rooms are available for children. Gym is after overhaul. On the territory of the boarding school there are 2 football fields (one with artificial turf), basketball and volleyball courts. Several times a week, pupils are taken to classes in the city pool. There are no problems with logistics, since the institution has its own vehicle fleet. It includes 2 “GAZeli”, as well as 2 “Bogdan” buses, taken on the balance sheet of the institution this year.

There is a library, an equipped assembly hall, 2 museums (Literary-Pushkin and Ethnographic), an art cafe “Tea”, where celebrations are held in honor of children’s birthdays. There are sections of interest, including vocals, choreography, design, football, wellness, etc.

All premises, including the dining room, bedrooms, playrooms, toilets and showers are landscaped. Children are provided with five meals a day. A social educator and a speech therapist have contacts with them. The pupils are under constant medical supervision. There are a pediatrician, a dentist, 4 nurses and 2 junior nurses in the institution.