Representatives of the Ombudsman attended a regular plenary session of the People’s Council

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On 26 May, representatives of the Human Rights Ombudsman in the DPR attended a regular plenary session of the DPR People’s Council of the II convocation.

In the course of the legislative process, parliamentarians adopted a number of bills on amending in the acts of the current legislation, in particular:

– amendments have been made to the Law of the DPR №48-IHC of 15.05.2015 “On social protection of persons with disabilities” in terms of assigning administrative responsibility regarding the officials whose duties include organizing appropriate conditions allowing disabled people to have unhindered access to infrastructure facilities;

– amendments have been made to the Law of the DPR №37-IIHC of 24.05.2019 “On compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners”, which provide for the extension of the moratorium (prohibition) period regarding the prosecution of persons who do not have an insurance policy “OSAGO” until 1 August 2020. In addition, a period for insurance of civil liability has been installed by owners of vehicles registered in the territory of a foreign state when they enter the territory of the DPR, which will be 1 working day from the day of crossing for the entire period of stay in the DPR.

A feature of this draft law is also to provide an opportunity to carry out an independent examination of a vehicle, other property (their remnants) on the occasion of causing damage to the specified objects of the victim, which will, similarly to other types of examinations, contribute to clarify the circumstances of events that caused damage to such property, as well as determine the amount of damages.

Individuals are excluded from the list of categories eligible to act as insurance agents.

– adopted in the second reading the draft law “On the prohibition of the glorification and rehabilitation of collaborators from the Great Patriotic War”, which will strengthen the guarantees of the inviolability of historical memory and justice about the tragedy of the Great War, which claimed the lives of millions of citizens who fought the German-fascist invaders and persons providing any criminal assistance to them;

– amendments have been made to the Law of the DPR №99 – IHC of 25 December 2015 “On the tax system” in terms of establishing a single currency in the form of the Russian ruble, excluding the possibility of using the Ukrainian hryvnia, owing to the existing economic realities;

– amendments have been made to the Law of the DPR №92 – IIHC of 15 January 2020 “On the Supreme Court of the DPR” in terms of the increasing size of judges of the Appeals Chamber of the DPR Supreme Court to 20 judges, including the chairman and deputy chairman of the Appeals Chamber of the DPR Supreme Court with the need to ensure consideration of relevant categories of cases by judges in an even faster time frame, and, at the same time, will improve the quality of the administration of justice.

The aforementioned draft laws will come into force after publication on the official website of the People’s Council of the DPR.