Representatives of Ombudsman’s Office in DPR visited Child Welfare Centre in Shakhtersk


According to the schedule for inspections of children’s institutions of the Republic, representatives of the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman in the DPR visited the Child Welfare located in the city of Shakhtersk.

In the course of the communication with the senior management of the Centre, human rights workers raised issues related to the quality of education, material, medical and sanitary support for children, as well as cultural and educational development.

This Center is an institution of social protection, in which children aged 3 to 18 stay for nine months in difficult life circumstances and who are provided with comprehensive social, psychological, pedagogical, legal and other types of assistance. Assistance is actively provided in the formation of children’s own life position in order to overcome the habits of antisocial behavior, as well as assistance in returning the child to the biological family.

The work of the staff was evaluated very positively. At the time of the visit, evacuation lighting was installed at the Center through charitable assistance, 7 wooden windows were replaced with metal-plastic ones, as well as 30 orthopedic mattresses, 30 orthopedic pillows, 30 blankets, 30 terry towels, 60 sets of bed linen, a computer, MFP were purchased.

Employees of the Ombudsman’s Office express gratitude to the management and staff of the Centre for the conscientious performance of their duties.