Representatives of Ombudsman continue to attend court sessions


During the first half of this year, representatives of the Ombudsman attended 19 court hearings on the consideration of cases pending in the courts of first and appeal (17 courts hearings on consideration of criminal cases and 2 court hearings on consideration of civil cases).

Attendance of court hearings was resumed in February 2021, after the relaxation of restrictive measures related to the risk of the spread of a new coronavirus infection.

The presence of representatives of the Ombudsman during the consideration of cases by the courts is carried out within the framework of the received written appeals of citizens, in order to monitor the observance of the procedural rights of the participants in the process, as well as to verify the arguments presented by the applicants.

This procedure is carried out in strict accordance with the current legislation, including the provisions of Article 5 of the DPR Law “On the judicial system of the Donetsk People’s Republic”. Also, representatives of the Ombudsman, when attending court hearings, comply with the relevant sanitary and epidemiological standards.

Additionally, within the framework of legal education, the applicants – participants in the process are explained their rights, as well as, if necessary, the procedure for appealing against court decisions provided for by the civil and criminal procedural legislation of the DPR.