Representatives of Kiev cynically tried to transfer handover of exhumed victims into exchange process – Daria Morozova

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman News

I am glad to announce that today, after two years of negotiations and thanks to much work that has been done, we managed to return the remains of the missing citizen M. home.

I want to note that the Ukrainian side has categorically refused to return the discovered bone remains of a resident of the Republic since 2019, despite the fact that the identity of the deceased was established by an expert examination 2 years ago. Moreover, the representatives of Kiev cynically tried to transfer the handover of the exhumed deceased into the exchange process, which is absolutely impermissible from a humanitarian point of view. I want to emphasize that such a practice is absolutely unacceptable, immoral and unrealizable.

Only after persistent convictions and arguments that the mother of the citizen M. was seriously ill, we still managed to secure the transfer to our territory.

I call on Ukraine to take more active steps towards the search and identification of missing persons. If we do not speed up this process by joint efforts, then it may drag on for tens of years. It is our duty to do this for the families and loved ones of those people who have lost the most precious and important in this life…