Representatives of DPR Ombudsman visit Social Rehabilitation Centre in Gorlovka

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Staff of DPR Ombudsman Office inspected the provision of services in Social Rehabilitation Centre in Gorlovka for disabled persons and children with disabilities.

At the moment, 57 children under 18 and 5 persons aged 18-25 with physical and mental disabilities undergo outpatient treatment in the institution.

The centre occupies the first floor of a three-storey building. It has a sensory therapy room, a Montessori therapy room, a sports hall for physical therapy, a computer room, a prayer room, administrative rooms and bathrooms. Outside there are a playground and a recreation area.

An individual rehabilitation plan is developed for each patient in the institution, taking into account the diagnosis, the current physical and mental state, personality traits and health opportunities. The patients demonstrate a positive dynamic of recovery thanks to the diligent and faithful work of specialists, the use of art therapy, mechanotherapy, sand therapy and other methods.

The institution also conducts classes with parents of the patients, aimed at improving their psycho-emotional state, establishing trusting parent-child relationships and developing the necessary models of family education.

In order to facilitate comprehensive development of the spiritual and creative potential of the patients, the Centre regularly organises cultural and leisure activities dedicated to holidays and memorial days, as well as poetry readings, sports games and contests, competitions, meetings with interesting people and representatives of religious organizations. The patients visit public cultural events, including those in the Russian Federation.

The conditions of providing services in the Social Rehabilitation Centre in Gorlovka for disabled persons and children with disabilities received positive assessment.

DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova expressed gratitude to the administration and staff of the facility for faithful implementation of their duties.