Representatives of DPR Ombudsman Office visit Shakhtyorsk Sanatorium General Education Boarding School No.15

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Representatives of the DPR Human Rights Ombudsman Office conducted an inspection of the educational process and living conditions in the Shakhtyorsk Sanatorium General Education Boarding School No.15 Currently, 68 children with psycho-neurological disorders attend the school.

The institution has rooms for physical therapy and psychological relief, a hall for rhythmic gymnastics, a library, a canteen, classrooms, a curriculum office for teachers, a room for home economy classes, and bedrooms. There is a music hall with all necessary equipment and musical instruments to organise festive events. Outside there are a playground, a laundry and a covered terrace.

Doctors, nurses, a psychologist and educators monitor the children’s physical welfare and observance of the special regime. A number of activities aimed at preserving and strengthening the health of pupils are carried out. After medical screening, the pupils are referred to physiotherapy procedures, remedial gymnastics, massage, correctional speech therapy.

Children (grades 1 to 9) stay in the institution for 24 hours. Also, there is a Saturday/Sunday group. The number of students in each group meets the requirement and does not exceed 12 pupils. The school has all necessary technical equipment. The computer science classroom has desktop computers, a multimedia interactive whiteboard and a TV set.

Qualified teachers and educators, a practising psychologist, a speech therapist conduct correctional, developmental, therapeutic and preventive work with students.

Education and living environment for children in the Shakhtyorsk Sanatorium General Education Boarding School No.15 received a positive assessment from the Ombudsman Office representatives. They expressed appreciation to the administration and staff of the facility for faithful implementation of their duties.