Representatives of DPR Ombudsman Office visit Sanatorium general-education boarding school No.14 in Yasinovataia

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Representatives of the DPR Human Rights Ombudsman Office conducted an inspection of the educational process and living conditions in the Sanatorium general-education boarding school No.14 in Yasinovataia. Currently, 125 children with diseases of the muscular-skeletal system (scoliosis) attend the school.

The institution is in a three-storey building that is properly heated. The institution has a room for physical therapy, a gym, a room for physiotherapy and therapeutic massage, a library, a museum, classrooms, curriculum office for teachers, a room for home economy classes, separate bedrooms for boys and girls. There is a music hall with all necessary equipment and musical instruments to organise festive events.

Doctors, nurses, orthopedists and educators monitor the children’s physical welfare and observance of the special regime. A number of activities aimed at preserving and strengthening the health of pupils are carried out. Specialists conduct checks of physical and neuropsychiatric development of all newly arrived children. Following the results of the medical examination, appropriate treatment is prescribed, which consists of medical and health-improving measures, namely: Salt and pine baths, paraffin baths, electrophoresis with medications, electrical stimulation of the back muscles, magnetic therapy. Some children wear special corsets.

Children (grades 1 to 9) stay in the institution for 24 hours Monday to Friday, and every weekend they return home. There are no Saturday/Sunday groups. The number of students in each group meets the requirement and does not exceed 12 pupils. For effective treatment and as a prevention measure, teachers combine educational and therapeutic processes. To relieve the spine, children lie on special couches during the lessons. A teacher constantly controls the correct position of the body of each child. When reading, pupils usually lie on their front, and they lie on their back when speaking.

There are sports and crafts clubs for children. There are classes on dancing, singing, sculpturing, knitting, origami and dramatic reading. The pupils actively participate in and win republican and city competitions in Russian language and literature.
Education and living environment for children received a positive assessment from the inspectors.