Representatives of DPR Ombudsman Office visit Sanatorium boarding school in Shakhtyorsk

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On 12 December, Representatives of the DPR Human Rights Ombudsman Office conducted an inspection of the educational process and living conditions in State educational institution “Shakhtyorsk Sanatorium boarding school No. 15”, where children aged 7-14 constantly live. The sanatorium provides care and education for children with psycho-neurological disorders.

At the moment, 75 children stay in the institution. They receive social, psychological, educational and medical assistance.

The institution has all necessary equipment for all-around development of the students. It should be mentioned that after the previous visit, a refurbishment has been done in one of the blocks, on the 4th floor. Some amusement facilities named “Super children” were established there, which include 4 sections:  Table tennis room, disco-room, playroom and a cinema room “Muvik cinema”.

The staff of the institution take care of both physical and psychological health of children.

Staff of DPR Ombudsman Office expressed gratitude to employees of the boarding school.