Representatives of DPR Ombudsman Office visit Gorlovka Special General Education Boarding School No.16

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On 26 February, Representatives of the DPR Human Rights Ombudsman Office conducted an inspection of the educational process and living conditions in Gorlovka Special General Education Boarding School No.16 Currently, 144 children with severe speech disorders attend the school.

The boarding school has a library, an assembly hall, psychologist’s, social pedagogue’s and speech therapist’s rooms, classrooms, a medical unit, a sports hall for physical therapy, a gym, a turning workshop, a locksmiths workshop, and bedrooms.  Outside there is a football field and a laundry.

Children (grades 1 to 9) stay in the institution for 24 hours. The number of students in each group meets the requirement and does not exceed 12 pupils. Graduates of the school receive a certificate of the established model, which entitles them to enter secondary vocational schools.

In the light of the specific nature of the school, much attention is paid to conducting logorhythmic exercises to stimulate speech activity, mental and educational and cognitive activity, and to develop the spatial abilities of children.

The boarding school has a medical unit with all necessary equipment and medicines. The students undergo medical screening twice a year in Gorlovka children’s polyclinic.
Outside school hours, parents take their children to the City Palace of Children and Youth Creativity sports activities, to Music School and Art School. The pupils actively participate in and win republican competitions and arts contests for socially vulnerable children and those who attend special general education boarding schools. The children take prizes in Republican review competition of amateur performances “Pover v sebia” (Believe in yourself).

Representatives of DPR Ombudsman Office will visit the institution again after the renovation is finished. They thanked the staff of the  Gorlovka Special General Education Boarding School No. 16  for faithful implementation of their duties.