Representatives of DPR Ombudsman Office conduct on-site reception in Yenakievo

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Human Rights Ombudsman in the Donetsk People’s Republic continues to defend and restore the rights and freedoms of citizens. On 15 November, staff of Legal Department and Appeals Department of the DPR Ombudsman Office conducted an on-site reception in Yenakievo together with representatives of City Administration, Department of Labour and Social Welfare of Yenakievo and Office of the Pension Fund of Yenakievo.

Citizens asked for assistance in problems related to the work of public utilities and payment of welfare assistance, as well as appealing against a trial judgement. Most of the issues were resolved promptly.

As regards disagreement with the court decision, a written appeal was accepted for further review of the case by the DPR Ombudsman.

We remind that on-site visits are conducted in accordance with the established schedule, which is available on the official website of the DPR Ombudsman Office. The next on-site reception will take place in Shakhtyorsk on 21 November.

Выездной прием 15.11.2018