Representatives of DPR Ombudsman Office conduct inspection in Kiselevsky Correctional Centre

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Staff of DPR Ombudsman Office carried out an inspection of the conditions of detention of persons serving sentences in Kiselevsky Correctional Centre (the city of Torez). They also paid special attention to observance of convicts’ rights by the administration of the facility.

At the time of the visit, 24 convicts have been serving their sentences in the centre. They are provided with clothes and personal hygiene products.  Bathroom and laundry facilities are available within the facility.

The convicts are provided with nutrition that meets the established standards. There is a canteen in a separate building. There is a subsidiary farm in the territory of the institution.

A doctor regularly visits the centre for health condition monitoring. In case of need, additional medical treatment is provided in Outpatient Clinic No.3 in Torez.

In line with the legislation in force, convicted persons enjoy the right to short and long visits.

The centre has a club for leisure and educational activities, where convicts can watch TV programmes and films. Also, there is equipment for table tennis. A prayer room is available, where worship is conducted on religious holidays. The correctional centre has a sports ground and a football field.

The convicts are allowed to work if they wish. The institution specializes in manufacturing Rabitz type steel-wire fabric and souvenirs. Workers are provided with workwear and other personal protective equipment. The convicts get paid in accordance with the current legislation.

As part of the inspection, staff of DPR Ombudsman Office conducted a personal reception for the convicts. There were questions about obtaining a passport of the DPR citizen and application of the amnesty law. Representatives of the Ombudsman Office, the main human rights institution, provided a detailed clarification of the norms of the current legislation. There were no complaints regarding actions of the administration of the facility or lack of necessary medical assistance.

As a result of the inspection, staff of DPR Ombudsman Office gave a positive assessment of detention conditions of the Kiselevsky Correctional Centre.