Procedure of technical inventory of immovable property objects

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Technical inventory of immovable property objects and registration of a technical passport is carried out in a number of cases:

  • before the state registration of ownership of immovable property;
  • before receiving an information certificate on registered real rights to immovable property and their restrictions (charges) to carry out the corresponding notarial act, etc.

Objects of all forms of ownership (including the owner of which is unknown) located on land plots (at separate postal/construction addresses) are subject to technical inventory, regardless of the availability of permits for their construction or without such documents.

Technical inventory is subject to:

– block of flats, dormitories;

– one-family (manor) dwelling houses;

– multifunctional buildings and complexes;

– buildings and structures for public and industrial purposes, as well as engineering networks, landscaping elements, etc., which are an integral part of the main facility;

– outbuildings (summer kitchens, garages, workshops, sheds, barns, greenhouses, cellars, boiler rooms, transformer substations, latrines, tents, waste bins, etc.);

– household facilities (fences, gates, wickets, pavements, wells, cesspools, etc.);

– garden and country houses, garages (not related to outbuildings: multi-storey, underground, one-storey block);

– defence stores of civil protection (civil defence).

Applications are submitted separately for each immovable property object.

To conduct a technical inventory, the applicant must submit the following documents:

 – an identity document (a passport of a citizen or a document replacing it, a certificate of permanent residence in the territory of the DPR, a national, diplomatic or service passport of a foreign citizen or a document replacing it);

– registration number of the taxpayer’s record card;

– a document confirming real rights to immovable property;

– technical passport for immovable property (if any);

– a document granting the right to perform construction work (if any);

– project documentation (if any);

– a document confirming the authority of a person (for an authorized person).

When submitting an application, heirs or their representatives additionally provide the original of the notary’s request.

Legal entities, in addition to the documents specified above, submit – a certificate of state registration of a legal entity, certifying its state registration in the DPR, constituent documents.

To carry out a technical inventory, the applicant provides the mentioned documents, as well as their copies in a single copy.

It should be taking into account that in order to conduct a technical inventory, the applicant must provide access to all premises of the surveyed immovable property object. Technical inventory of immovable property objects is carried out within a period not exceeding 45 calendar days, except for cases requiring the conclusion of an appropriate contract.

The technical passport for immovable property object is made in a single copy and issued to the applicant.

The amount and procedure for payment for works (services) for technical inventory, as well as the categories of persons exempted from paying state fees and paying for services (works) are determined by the Procedure for the provision of paid services (performance of works) in the field of technical inventory, accounting and valuation of immovable property, approved by the Decree of the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic of 17 September 2020 No. 330.