Press conference of Daria Morozova and daughter of abducted DPR serviceman takes place in Donetsk (video)

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On July 10, a press conference of Daria Morozova, the Human Rights Ombudsman in the DPR, and Maria Tsemakh, the daughter of the abducted retired DPR soldier, took place in the capital of the Republic. As the correspondent of the official website of the DPR reported, at the press conference, the daughter of Vladimir Tsemakh told about his abduction, the conditions of detention and service. Daria Morozova reported on a number of measures that have been taken to clarify all the details of the case and return the abducted man home.

“Recently there has been a steady trend of gross violation of international law by the Ukrainian authorities. Thus, on June 26, 2019, SBU officers from the territory of the Republic abducted Vladimir Tsemakh, a retired DPR serviceman, born in 1961,” said Daria Morozova.

His daughter specified that on June 27 she lost contact with Vladimir Tsemakh. The next day, the family was informed that the serviceman had been illegally abducted by the SBU.

“I contacted a lawyer to find out where my father was and what he was accused of. On Friday, I was able to talk to him, and the lawyer sent me pictures of my father, and there were visible injuries. According to him, the father was injected with some medications and transferred to the territory of Ukraine in a wheelchair as a sick relative. We appealed to Daria Morozova for help,” said Maria Tsemakh.

According to the lawyer, they are trying to accuse Vladimir Tsemakh of involvement in the downing of the “Boeing” in July 2014 in Donbass. In turn, Maria Tsemakh stressed that her father became the head of the air defence only in October, he did not even go to the crash site, and has nothing to do with this tragedy. At the time of the abduction, Vladimir Tsemakh had given physical education classes for more than a year at the Snezhnoe Mining College.

Daria Morozova said the relevant requests have already been sent to international human rights organizations.

“Information about detained persons on both sides of the contact line appears on official Ukrainian websites every day, but there are no appeals in this regard to the DPR Ombudsman. I call on the relatives of persons who were detained by employees of the Security Service of Ukraine to file their appeals through the Ombudsman’s website or call the hotline,” added Daria Morozova.

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