Representatives of Special Commission visit relatives of children killed in Groznoe


As part of the work of the Special Commission on Documenting Kiev’s War Crimes in Donbass, created by Decree of the Head of the DPR No. 78 of 05.30.2016, a group of employees –representatives of the Administration of the Head of the DPR, the Ministry of Information of the DPR, the Ministry of Justice of the DPR and the Ombudsman’s Office – visited relatives of children who died as a result of hostilities and children who sustained lethal injuries in the territory of Donetsk People’s Republic in the period from April 2014 to the present.

So, on July 14, a group of employees made a trip to Uglegorsk and the village of Groznoe. There is a family in Groznoe in which all men became the defenders of our Republic and from the very first days of the conflict they took up arms in order to protect their land, family and children. The house of parents and the house of the eldest son were destroyed during artillery shelling by the Armed Forces. The biggest grief of the villagers is the death of two boys who graduated from 9th form and were preparing for celebration. The employees delivered humanitarian aid collected by the representatives of the Special Commission themselves.