Kiev did not offer exchange deminers – DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova


The Human Rights Ombudsman in the DPR Daria Morozova, in an exclusive interview to a correspondent of the official website of the DPR, revealed details of negotiations on the exchange of captured deminers.

“I spoke to Viktor Medvedchuk. I asked for the names of the eight people they detained. Negotiations lasted for five hours. We needed to identify the names,” the Ombudsman emphasized.

According to Daria Morozova, Ukrainian volunteers and representatives of the SBU contacted her, while the officials dealing with the exchange of prisoners did not. “Irina Gerashchenko makes absolutely groundless statements. There were no offers of exchange from official Kiev, represented by Irina Gerashchenko and Viktor Medvedchuk,” the Human Rights Ombudsman noted.

We recall that on June 27, 2016, near the village of Shyrokyne, the Ukrainian military captured 8 DPR deminers who were engaged in mine clearance,

 which is provided for in the Minsk agreements and was coordinated with international observers. On June 30, Irina Gerashchenko, plenipotentiary of the President of Ukraine for the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbass, posted in her Facebook account that Ukraine was ready to transfer captive deminers to the DPR.

Source: Official website of the Donetsk People’s Republic ©