People see that no one left them in trouble – Daria Morozova following results of communication with residents of Nikolaevka and Granitnoye

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Daria Morozova continues to monitor the observance of human rights in the territories of the Republic liberated from the AFU. Today, on March 12, the DPR Ombudsman revisited the village of Nikolaevka in the Starobeshevsky district, as well as the village of Granitnoye in the Telmanovsky district.

The Commissioner for Human Rights in the DPR assessed the progress of measures to restore the life support system of settlements, talked with local residents, and clarified the current humanitarian needs.

“Life is gradually returning to these villages. There is no longer a shortage of food, drinking water, hygiene products, medicines – the necessary assistance has been delivered to people. There is a mobile connection, although it works intermittently so far. In Nikolaevka, mobile shops have been organized, and suppliers are already collecting applications in Granitnoye stores. The main problem is the lack of electricity. Also people are expectedly interested in the issue of restoration of damaged and destroyed housing. At the same time, people see that no one left them in trouble, so they sympathizes with all the difficulties,” the Ombudswoman said.

All questions by the population are taken under the control of the Ombudsman. Any problematic issues will be quickly responded. In turn, Daria Morozova will continue monitoring the human rights situation during work trip in the liberated territories.