People gained confidence in future – Daria Morozova following results of communication with residents of liberated villages near Mariupol

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Today, on March 13, the DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova, as a member of the delegation of representatives of the leadership of the Donetsk People’s Republic, visited the territories liberated from the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Mariupol. In particular, the heads of republican ministries and departments visited the village. Nikolskoye, Mangush and Yalta. The delegation also included the Minister of Revenue and Duties Yevgeny Lavrenov, the Minister of Industry and Trade Vladimir Ruschak, the Acting Minister of Construction and Housing Vladimir Yaroshevsky. 

The main goals of such trips are to get to know people, determine the range of problematic issues, implement priority measures to restore the social and humanitarian sphere, and organize the work of local administrations, institutions and enterprises. In turn, the Ombudsman also monitors the observance of human rights in the liberated territories, receives appeals from citizens and records evidence of war crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Thus, for example, in Nikolskoye, representatives of the leadership of the Republic held a meeting with employees of the village administration. The first tasks were set, instructions were given, an action plan to ensure food supplies and humanitarian aid, restore communications, electricity and the banking system was designed.

The authorities spoke with the population. Daria Morozova clarified the humanitarian needs of people and answered urgent questions. In particular, many of them are worried about the fate of their relatives and friends who are in the zone of active hostilities in Mariupol. Due to the lack of communication, there is no understanding of who was evacuated. The Ombudsman promised assistance in clarifying information on the lists of people evacuated from Mariupol and its suburbs to the territory of the DPR.

Also a symbolic moment was the raising of the DPR flag on the square in front of the village administration building.

In Mangush, among other things, Daria Morozova visited the families living in the shelter of the Children’s Art Centre. There is a need for food, medicines and drinking water. The Ombudsman took control of the situation to provide prompt assistance.

“Residents of the liberated territories of the Republic, including the villages that we visited today, need special attention. In addition to solving obvious social and humanitarian problems, moral support is important. The population was under the influence of Ukrainian propaganda for a long time, and then they were without access to information at all. Communicating with us, they understand that they were not left alone with the trouble. People get answers to their questions. There is feedback and specific assistance. And this gives the main thing – confidence in the future. Therefore, field work in the liberated territories will only gain momentum,” summed up Daria Morozova.