On the World Humanitarian Day we remember those who help others, endangering their own lives


The World Humanitarian Day was established by the Resolution of the General-Assembly on 11 December 2008 with the aim of raising public awareness of humanitarian activities around the world and of the importance of international cooperation in this field.

Humanitarian assistance is a universal form of expression of a human sympathy to those who got in trouble, who suffer hardships in the zone of military conflicts and natural disasters.

Every day, through danger and risk for themselves, humanitarian workers help millions of people in countries affected by war or experiencing natural disasters. Their work illustrates the fact that the assistance to the needy can and must be provided regardless of religious, racial or gender grounds.

Traditionally, on this day, the world community remembers those who lost their lives in humanitarian aid missions, those who, despite the dangers and difficult conditions, continue to selflessly help millions of people living in extreme need and inability to satisfy basic human needs, when their life and health are under threat.

Donbass citizens as no one else realize the importance of humanitarian activities because any armed conflict is followed by casualties and destruction. For many civilians, humanitarian assistance is a necessary support that helps them face the difficult times and to be resilient in the conditions of a military conflict.