Ombudsman provided assistance in returning of citizen of LPR to Fatherland


Some citizens concerned about the fate of a homeless man born in 1945 appealed to the Human Rights Ombudsman in the DPR.

Unfortunately, the citizen C. didn’t have identity documents with him. The situation was compounded by medical condition of the man, in particular, serious vision problems. No relatives and loved ones, who are able to assist him in difficult circumstances, were found. The citizen C. didn’t remember how he entered the DPR, however, claimed that he is a native of Luhansk.

The Ombudsman managed to ascertain that the man really had lived in the territory of the LPR previously and had a corresponding registration.

With the help of the Migration Service of the MIA DPR, the citizen was identified in the shortest possible time, and the relevant paperwork was done for the possibility to cross the border.

In coordination with Daria Morozova and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the LDP, the man was returned home, where he was subsequently sent to get treatment to one of the medical institutions.

The Ombudsman continues to monitor the situation and calls on citizens of the Republic to be attentive and caring people. In case of occurring similar situations, you should appeal to the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman in the DPR.