Ombudsman Office representatives congratulate children on St. Nicholas Day

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On the eve of the St Nicholas Day, December 17, employees of the DPR Human Rights Ombudsman Office visited Child Welfare Centre in Gorlovka and a Communal Establishment “Child Welfare Centre of Yenakievo City Administration” to congratulate children on the holiday and give them presents.

The human rights defenders were warmly welcomed by the children. They told about their hobbies and education progress, showed their arts and crafts, recited poems.

In Child Welfare Centres of the Republic, there are children from families that find themselves in difficult life situation. In the facility, they receive qualified social, psychological, educational, medical and legal assistance. Children stay there for nine months. During that time, educators and social workers make every effort to help the families to overcome the challenging life situation that placed children under State guardianship.