Ombudsman continues to record war crimes of AFU in Volnovakha

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The DPR Ombudsman continues to monitor the situation with human rights and record the facts of war crimes committed by the AFU in the liberated Volnovakha.

Today Daria Morozova one more time visited the city. The office of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the DPR organized a mobile office based on the local administration, as well as an on-site reception of citizens on the central square.

Appeals were accepted, current humanitarian needs were recorded. Humanitarian aid, which people asked for the day before, was brought and distributed.

Interviewing of local residents continued, during which new facts of war crimes of the AFU against the civilian population were revealed. Thus, it turned out that Ukrainian militants kicked people out of equipped shelters, while taking their places. In addition, new information has emerged that confirms an attempt to use children and women as cover to leave the city through the humanitarian corridor. People also spoke about the shooting of three civilian vehicles that were trying to get out of the shelling into the territory of Ukraine.

Also today, the Ombudsman, together with the Department for Social Support for Retired Military Personnel and Patriotic Education under the Head of the DPR and the Republican Bureau of Forensic Medical Examination of the Ministry of Health of the DPR, began documenting the facts of death and organizing the burial of the dead. Today it is one of the key humanitarian tasks. A search for bodies, places of spontaneous burials and identification of the deceased is underway. From today, on the basis of the central hospital, they began to issue death certificates of the republican standard.

“Work is already underway to clear the cemetery. The burial process will begin tomorrow. As for the discovered bodies of Ukrainian servicemen, biological material was selected for DNA typing and they were sent to the morgue,” said Daria Morozova.