Ombudsman assists in providing accommodation for woman affected by hostilities


On November 19, the Human Rights Ombudsman cooperated with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the Labour and Social Welfare Administration of the Petrovsky district of Donetsk to provide accommodation to a DPR citizen, born in 1949, in a specialized social institution. The woman’s house was destroyed as a result of military operations and she does not have close relatives who would be able to take care of her. Due to the advanced age, she needs specialized care. Previously, she underwent treatment in one of the medical institutions of the Republic. Now, thanks to the joint efforts of the Ombudsman and the competent authorities, the woman will be fully supported by the government in the Donetsk nursing home for the elderly and disabled persons, where she will be provided with proper medical care.

The Ombudsman expresses gratitude to those who care about the comfort of the elderly. The Ombudsman pays particular attention to the need to protect the rights and freedoms of persons who need proper care from the state and society.