Ombudsman assisted citizen in obtaining increase in pension

News Restoration of rights

The Human Rights Ombudsman in the Donetsk People’s Republic, during a personal reception of citizens at a public reception, received an oral appeal from a citizen R. on the issue of recalculating a pension.

Thus, the citizen R., living in the city of Makeyevka, who served in the Republic of Afghanistan from 1985 to 1987, had previously applied to the territorial administration of the DPR Pension Fund regarding the establishment of an increase in pension, as a participant in hostilities. However, the citizen R. was refused to recalculate his pension due to the absence (loss) of a certificate of a combatant.

Believing that “the law is on his side,” citizen R. applied for the protection of his rights to the Ombudsman.

After examining the documents provided by the citizen R., in accordance with the current pension legislation, the man was fully explained the procedure for filing an appeal with the DPR Pension Fund, with the need to attach other materials confirming his arguments.

Based on the results of consideration of the appeal of the citizen R., the Pension Fund positively resolved the issue of establishing an increase in pension.

Thus, the rights to benefits and advantages established by law for war veterans and participants in hostilities were confirmed.

After a month, the issue was fully resolved, and with words of gratitude, the applicant’s wife visited the public reception of the Ombudsman.