The official statement of the DPR Ombudsman on sabotage and reconnaissance activities of the Ukrainian special services

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman News

In April 2014 the Acting President of Ukraine started the so-called “anti-terrorist operation” in Donbass, which led to a tragic civil war in our region.

The Ukrainian side has been waging war against its own citizens for three years, applying a wide range of aggressive methods of warfare prohibited by international humanitarian law. Aside from the heavy shelling, to which Donbass is subjected daily, there is an increase in the activity of saboteurs in both Republics. For the last half of the year the subversions of the Ukrainian side resulted into the death of heroic DPR leaders – Arsen Pavlov and Mikhail Tolstykh. Before this, the Ukrainian special services repeatedly prepared the crime, which resulted into several deaths and about ten injured among civilian population. We should not forget the terrorist attack of February near Motel. One man was killed, 18 persons were injured, including 2 children. Civilian casualties are one another proof of the grave violations of the international humanitarian law by the Ukrainian side. The Ukrainian side encroaches on the basic rights of our citizens – to life and security of person, – it shows a total disrespect to the norms of the Universal declaration of Human Rights.

We shall not forget that security services of Ukraine continue attempts to recruit our citizens. Everyone knows the story of the DPR serviceman Eduard Klypa, who was meant to commit sabotage, which could have affected civilians of the whole village.

Reconnaissance and sabotage group was apprehended in the Lugansk People’s Republic recently. Due to the activities of the group Oleg Anashchenko, the head of the Militia Department of the LPR lost his life. The group also prepared terrorist acts out of the bounds of the LPR, intended to claim the lives of civilians. This is another testimony of terrorism and genocide by the Ukrainian side against Donbass citizens.

According to the Article 51 of the Protocol Additional to the Geneva Convention of 1949, civilians are not to be subject to attack. Violent acts or threats of violence with the primary purpose of terrorizing the civilian population are prohibited.

I would like to remind that the activities carried out by the Ukrainian side are crimes against humanity and do not have a statute of limitations.