Obtaining attendance of party of process in court

News Restoration of rights

The Ombudsman of the Republic was approached by a Mr. B. with an application for assistance in restoring violated rights.

In his appeal, the citizen indicated that he had to go to court in order to appeal against the decision of the bailiffs of one of the city justice departments of the Donetsk People’s Republic on the seizure of a bank account to which wages are credited.

Prolonged disregard of the summons by the indicated body to the court session prevented the court from giving a comprehensive assessment of the order. The latter, in turn, significantly limited the right of citizen B. to manage the funds received for his work, as well as the right to judicial protection guaranteed by the DPR Constitution.

In order to provide possible assistance in obtaining the attendance of an official of the Department of bailiffs, the Human Rights Ombudsman appealed to the DPR Ministry of Justice. As a result, the Yenakiyevo City Court session of the DPR to consider the filed complaint took place with the full composition of the participants of the process.