Number of detained DPR supporters increases to 88

Detention News

DPR Authorities claimed that the number of detained DPR supporters, who are being kept in the territory controlled by Kiev, has increased to 88 people. “For the time being, we have established that 88 persons are being held in the territory controlled by Ukraine. We are ready to come to the line of contact and exchange them any time,” DPR Ombudsman told journalists.

She explained that the previous figure was 82.

Morozova is wary of the exchange statement by Leonid Kuchma, ex-representative of Kiev at negotiations for the peaceful settlement in Donbass.

“I will be really upset if the exchange doesn’t take place by the New Year, and I am increasingly alarmed by the words of Kuchma, who said, “The exchange is highly unlikely before the elections take place.” The process is politicized and they (Kiev representatives at the negotiations – Ed.) shamelessly talk about it,” Morozova said.

Source: RIA