Noisy neighbours

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Living in an apartment building has a number of features, including communication with neighbours, each of whom differs in lifestyle, family and social status. As a result, conflict situations may arise between neighbours. One of the most common causes of disagreement is the generation of loud noise.

In connection with the relevance of this issue, the Ombudsman explains the algorithm of actions in case of violation of acceptable norms of silence by neighbours.

Compliance with the silence regime is regulated by the Law of the Donetsk People’s Republic No. 40-INS dated 05.08.2015 “On ensuring the sanitary and epidemic well-being of the population.”

The specified normative legal act identifies the categories of premises that are protected and where the regulated mode of silence must be observed: residential apartment buildings, their courtyards, hotels, hostels, medical and educational institutions and many other facilities. In this regard, citizens are prohibited from:

– carry out noisy repair work from 21:00 to 8:00 on weekdays and around the clock on weekends and holidays;

– make loud sounds, listen to music from 22:00 to 8:00.

These rules apply to all apartment buildings, private houses, as well as restaurants, cafes and other establishments located near residential premises.

Thus, within the framework of Article 25 of the above law, the executive authorities, local authorities, within the powers established by the current legislation, take measures to prevent the noise levels from exceeding during the day established by sanitary standards.

Thus, in case of violation of the norms of silence by neighbours, as well as if oral requests and comments did not produce the desired effect, it is necessary to call the district police department and report the incident. Law enforcement officers can also be asked to conduct a preventive conversation with noisy neighbours. If disturbance of peace of citizens occurs at night or during non-working hours, a district inspector should be called. In case of confirmation of the facts entailing a violation of the rights of other citizens to health protection and a favourable living environment, an administrative protocol will be drawn up by a law enforcement officer in order to further prosecute the guilty person.

In addition, if your neighbours are violators not only of your peace, but also of residents of other apartments, then you are not deprived of the opportunity to submit a written collective application to the law enforcement agencies of the Donetsk People’s Republic at your place of residence.