Comments and statements of the Ombudsman News

Last week, two more exchanges of prisoners took place between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Among the fighters who managed to be released were nine servicemen of the DPR People’s Militia. Four of them returned home over the weekend, five more arrived in the Republic today. All of them were mobilized. Most are students.

At the moment, the released servicemen have been sent to one of the medical institutions of the Republic, where doctors provide them with the necessary assistance. As in previous cases, the guys were beaten and tortured in captivity.

I note that since the beginning of the special military operation between the DPR and Ukraine, there has been no direct dialogue on the issue of the POV exchange. All communications are conducted exclusively at the level of official representatives of the Russian Federation.

For our part, we are compiling lists of servicemen of the DPR People’s Militia who are in Ukrainian captivity. And our guys, of course, are included in the general exchange lists. As a result, we can move them to the territory of the Russian Federation and then home, to the Republic.

I know firsthand that the negotiation process is extremely difficult. Ukraine, as before, does not always adhere to the agreements reached. The struggle is for literally every prisoner on the list. Realizing how much effort even the slightest progress costs, I express my deep gratitude to everyone who takes part in the release of our guys.