March 15 – World Consumer Rights Day


Every year on March 15, the international community celebrates World Consumer Rights Day. The UN decision established this date, which has been enshrined in the international holiday calendar since 1983. Annually events of the Day are dedicated to a special theme, which is determined by the World Organization of Consumer Unions.

The World Organization of Consumer Unions is an independent non-profit organization that dates back to 1961 and unites more than 200 public and state organizations dealing with issues of the consumer protection from 72 countries. It protects the interests of consumers around the world, contributes to the development of the social movement and the system of observing consumer rights in general. The organization protects the rights of citizens in UNESCO, UN structures, in a number of other international organizations of economic and social orientation, and also assists its members in training specialists, providing information in the field of consumer protection.

The main defender of consumer rights in the DPR is the Inspectorate for the Consumer Protection, the provision regarding the activity of which was approved by the Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Donetsk People’s Republic, dated 24 August 2015 No. 60.