Lutkovskaia to personally address issue of transfer of Prosolova to Kharkov – DPR Ombudsman

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The representative of Kiev in the Minsk subgroup on humanitarian issues Valeria Lutkovskaia promised to to follow up on the transfer of the detained Yulia Prosolova to the penal colony in Kharkov, which has been repeatedly requested by Yulia’s mother. This was reported DAN by the Human Rights Ombudsman in the DPR, the representative of Donetsk in the Subgroup Daria Morozova.

“We asked Lutkovskaya about the transfer of Yulia Prosolova to another correctional institution. She promised to personally address this issue and do her utmost,” said Morozova.

The Ombudsman expressed hope that after Minsk talks, which are scheduled for July 2, the OSCE Coordinator of the Subgroup Tony Frisch would be able to visit Prosolova in Kharkov instead of Ternopil, where the DPR supporter is being held at the moment.

We remind that Prosolova’s mother, who cannot visit her daughter in Western Ukraine for health reasons, insisted on the transfer of Prosolova to Kharkov. Back in March, the representatives of Ukraine agreed to the transfer, but failed to do any steps further.

A Donetsk citizen Yulia Prosolova was accused of organising a car explosion on March 31, 2017, in Mariupol, that killed SBU colonel Alexander Kharaberiush. The girl was detained by the security service of Ukraine in autumn 2017. In October 2018, Ilyichevsky Court of Mariupol sentenced her to 12 years in prison for a crime she has never committed.

Source: DAN

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