Law enforcement system of Ukraine panders to crimes of radicals – Daria Morozova

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman News

News from Ukraine is poisoned with aggression directed at the Russian people and supporters of peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbas. Reading this, every time there are thoughts that it couldn’t be worse. But the stock of hatred seems to be inexhaustible. Now, from TV screens, Ukrainian politicians are calling for the physical destruction of media representatives who have pro-Russian views and who oppose the Nazi ideology of the “independent”. In particular, the radical Dmitry Korchinsky stated on the air of the Magnolia TV channel that there is a need to “fire with inspiration on Moscow propagandists”.

The fact of his statement is not surprising, because Korchinsky never hid his russophobia. It is astonishing that a popular television channel specializing in human rights issues broadcast an extremist quote containing a call to murder! And most importantly – no one was punished for this. This is ample proof that the Ukrainian law enforcement system condones the crimes of radical forces.

Moreover, it seems that the ultra-right and law enforcers are acting together persecuting citizens who resist the imposition of fascist ideology. In its reports, OHCHR regularly records cases of attacks on peaceful assemblies of citizens and individual activists who express disagreement with the militaristic course of Kiev. OHCHR confirms the destruction of the offices of opposition political parties, threats to journalists, as well as the fact that the investigation of these crimes in Ukraine is conducted, to put it mildly, “ineffectively”, because the Ukrainian authorities do not even try to punish perpetrators.

That is, we are dealing with a country where the rights and freedoms of the opposition-minded part of the population are not protected by anything. Considering these facts and the escalating hostile rhetoric of the Ukrainian authorities directed at everything Russian and Russians, it is not difficult to “add two and two”: peace in Donbas is not included in the circle of tasks and interests of official Kiev.