Comment of the DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova following the results of the Minsk meeting of September 7

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The reluctance of Kiev to lead a constructive dialogue on the exchange of POWs and the return of our children characterizes the official Kyiv not in a good way.

The authorized representatives of Kiev who participate in the peaceful process in Donbass still don’t make any official proposals for the exchange in the “all for all” format. The main reason why the exchange of prisoners is blocked is that they search for legitimate methods to remove jurisdictional basis for imprisonment of our men. Constantly delaying the peace settlement process through manipulating the implementation of the fifth and sixth paragraphs of the Package of Measures once again confirms that Ukraine is not yet ready to fulfill its obligations to the full extent.

We have repeatedly raised the issue of returning the identity documents to our men who had been exchanged. I note that the authorized representatives of Ukraine gave their word that they would return the documents of our 128 men at the next meeting of the humanitarian subgroup. I sincerely hope that the Ukrainian side fulfills its obligations in this matter and will find the strength to keep its promise.

I would like to note that the issue of returning of our children, transferred from the Donetsk People’s Republic to the territory controlled by the Ukrainian security forces, remains unresolved. The Ukrainian side did not provide any solid arguments, justifying their actions by the Law “On Protection of Personal Data”. Our side reviewed the UNICEF road map, we submitted our proposals and comments, handed them over to Mr. Frisch, so that he in turn gave them to the representatives of this international organization. I emphasize that the official representatives of Ukraine do not make any steps forward. We are very concerned about the fate of our children; we want to build a constructive dialogue and strive for early resolution of issues relating to the respect to children’s rights.

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