Comment of the Ombudsman regarding the results of the video conference

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The video conference on the exchange of prisoners of war has taken place

Today the humanitarian subgroup has held a video conference. The issue of the exchange of prisoners of war was under discussion. As a result of the conference, we have received a promise from the Ukrainian side that it will respond to all formal requests that we have submitted to them. We expect that the lists of detainees will be updated tomorrow. It is necessary to remind that, unlike us, the Ukrainian side has sent no official proposals on the exchange.

The Ukrainian side has confirmed its readiness to negotiate the lists of detainees on February 1. I hope, the final date of the exchange will become clear soon. Again, we expect a large exchange to be performed as prescribed in the Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreement.
Summarizing the results of the video conference, it can be considered fruitful.