Comment of the DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova on the results of the visit of the OSCE Representative in DPR Tony Frisch

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For the umpteenth time we demonstrate to the global community that we are open for constructive dialogue. Today, Mr Tony Frisch, the OSCE Representative, visited one of the Republican penitentiaries, where Ukrainian detainees are being under the custody. He personally assured that the conditions of the places of preliminary confinement, where Ukrainian servicemen are being kept, according to all internationally recognized standards. Mr Frisch has no claims against the conditions of detainment of the prisoners of war. We have also visited the investigative isolation ward, where the adolescents who are suspected in subversive activities on the territory of DPR, are being kept. We have inspected the conditions of detention. There is a gym, the classroom, the room for psychological relief. In general, those teenagers are provided with proper conditions there. I would also like to underline, that Mr Frisch, the coordinator of the subgroup on humanitarian issues and OSCE Representative, was satisfied with the detention conditions for the adolescents. They are going to write letters to their relatives soon and I will pass those letters to the Representatives of the UN mission, so that they could deliver them to the recipients.


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