Comment of Daria Morozova on shooting against a bus with civilians

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman News

The representatives of Ukrainian security agencies continue to violate the fundamental human rights of Donbass citizens.

Today`s tragedy, that took away lives of civilians, once again demonstrated disrespect to the international humanitarian law by Ukraine.

Having shot a bus with civilians on its way through the “Mayorsk” checkpoint, the Ukrainian side demonstrated disrespect to the fundamental human rights of Donbass citizens: right to life and security of a person, guaranteed by international conventions.

This is not the first case of attack against civilians on the checkpoints. The tragedy of April 2016, which occurred in Yelenovka, resulted into injuries of 9 people, including a child of 15 years old. 4 civilians lost their lives.

Today, more civilians became victims. The Ukrainian side is unwilling to ensure protection at the checkpoints.
I extend my deepest sympathies to those, who lost their loved ones in this tragedy. I would like to remind to the Ukrainian side, that each case of human rights violation in Donbass will be reported to ECHR and ICC.


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