Kiev should present mechanism to exempt persons to-be-exchanged from prosecution – Daria Morozova

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Donetsk has developed a package of steps to carry out a prisoner exchange as soon as possible. It was announced by the representative of the DPR in the Minsk subgroup on humanitarian issues, the Human Rights Ombudsman of the Republic Daria Morozova.

“The first step is to sign a decree granting pardon to 13 people handed over to the DPR in 2019-2020, which has been on the table of Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky since April 2020. The second step is to finalize the procedural “cleansing” of other subjects of the exchange of 2019-2020. After that, the sides will be able to exchange updated lists of missing persons and verify the data” Morozova noted on the question on what Kiev has to do to carry out an exchanged in the near future.

She added that in the next phase, representatives of Kiev have to work out and present a mechanism “aimed at the impossibility of criminal prosecution of people who are to be exchanged subsequently on the all established for all established basis.”

It should be recalled that on 8 December, the Ukrainian side once again wriggled out of its commitment on the procedural “cleansing” of detainees deliberated in 2019-2020 as a result of the negotiations, but offered to free 24 people and pardon 13 previously released people.

The last prisoner exchange in Donbass took place in April 2020. The DPR handed over to Ukraine nine people and received 10 ones. In doing so, the Republic received 71 detainees in 2019-2020, however, the Kiev, as stated numerous times by the DPR, ignored a procedure of the procedural “cleansing” of 50 released detainees, namely, didn’t drop the charges and close criminal proceedings.

Source: ДАН