Kiev Government tolerates radicals who encroach on the rights of veterans

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Today, May 10, the Human Rights Ombudsman in the Donetsk People’s Republic Daria Morozova gave a briefing within the framework of the humanitarian program on the reunification of people of Donbass. As reported by the correspondent of the official website of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the problems faced by veterans living in the areas temporarily controlled by the Ukrainian authorities were discussed.

“Unfortunately, there are people who forgot the 72-year-old victory over fascism. Although there are less and less participants of that war, the Ukrainian government is trying to rewrite history and malign the feat of Soviet people. In Ukraine, soviet symbols and the very name “Great Patriotic War” are not used in official rhetoric anymore and even banned. Veterans of war are deliberately deprived of the memory of their exploit. People who do this might have forgotten the colours that brought the Victory. On the eve of the celebration of the Victory Day, Advisor of the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov urged Ukrainians to refuse to use soviet symbols as a sign of patriotism, and not to wear St. George Ribbons during the holiday. Moreover, they were called a sign of Russian terrorism. It was stated that the ribbons could provoke aggression of the so-called true patriots of Ukraine.

It turns out that a man who risked his life more than 70 years ago is not a true patriot, and the modern Ukrainian state will not protect him, while officials threaten the reprisals by radicals”, – the Ombudsman stressed.

In addition, similarly to “Immortal Regiment” march, other events devoted to commemoration of the memory of WWII veterans were announced in most cities of Ukraine. Shortly before the march, Ukrainian radicals announced the preparation of the intimidating action called “Mortal Regiment”. In the morning, on the day of the march, central streets of Kiev were lined with leaflets calling on the Nazis to come to the “Arsenalnaya” underground station on May 9 at 9 am to lynch the participants of the “Immortal Regiment” march. Kiev authorities chose to ignore it and to do nothing. Under the protection of state officials Ukrainian radicals do whatever they want to enroach on the rights of veterans of the Second World War.

In conclusion, Daria Morozova added that most of the provocations made by Ukrainian forces on Victory Day took place in Bezymennoye village, where civilians who marched to commemorate the defenders of our Motherland were targeted. Ukrainian authorities use those bloody methods trying to erase the memory of the Great Victory. Instead of protecting the veterans of the Second World War, official Kiev intimidates the old people, showing that their feat remained in yet unrewrited history.

We recall that there is a program for the reunification of people of Donbass in the DPR. The program was designed to help the peaceful population living in areas of Donbass region temporarily controlled of Ukraine through developing and strengthening cultural, humanitarian and professional ties, as well as providing social and administrative services. In addition, this year, in honor of Victory Day, one-off monetary assistance is paid to veterans of the Great Patriotic War.