Kiev again refuses to return documents to released DPR supporters

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman News

At the last Minsk meeting, on September 6, the Ukrainian side again refused to return documents to DPR supporters released from captivity, according to Daria Morozova.

“At the last meeting in Minsk we raised the issue of returning documents to those released from Ukrainian captivity. Now, there are 126 persons. For its part, Ukraine proposes that the Republic issues DPR passports for them. We have already done that. However, a question arises: does this proposal mean official recognition of the DPR,” – the Ombudsman said.

Apart from that, there are still criminal proceedings in force in Ukraine for majority of released DPR supporters, according to Morozova. Whereas, criminal cases of all POWs released and transferred to the Ukrainian side were closed in the DPR.

Earlier, the DPR Ombudsman repeatedly stated that Kiev returned more than 150 captives without documents for the whole period of conflict. The question was also addressed at Minsk negotiations. However, representatives of Ukraine believe that their actions are within the limits of the law.