June 20 – World Refugee Day


Every year, on 20 June, the world community celebrates World Refugee Day, approved by the UN General Assembly on 4 December 2020. The rights of refugees around the world are determined by the international convention relating to the status of refugees, which was adopted in 1951.

According to international law, refugees are people forced to leave their homes as a result of the mortal threat of hostilities, and who cannot or do not want to return to their countries, to their native lands due to well-founded fears of becoming victims of persecution.

World Refugee Day glorifies the fortitude and courage of people, shown not only in dangerous and difficult situations, as a result of which they became refugees, but also in the ability to start life anew, to become full members of society.

Most often, women and children become refugees. On this day, the public pays tribute to the willpower of millions of mothers and wives who strive to keep their families in the most difficult conditions.

Among the main problems faced by citizens who have lost their usual way of life as a result of an armed conflict, the following can be listed: lack of housing, documents, money, food, problems with finding a job and adapting to the local environment, physical injuries, psychological problems that first of all, they affect children of internally displaced persons, elderly people, as well as people with disabilities.

Respect for the rights of refugees is extremely important for the full formation and development of our young country. The main task of the Donetsk People’s Republic, like any other state, is to provide comprehensive support to such people, to create conditions to alleviate their plight and adapt to new living conditions. No one should stay away from refugee problems. Therefore, it is important that everyone, whenever possible, provides assistance in matters of employment, financing, and housing. Together we must do everything so that people who fled from the horrors of war feel fulfilled in a new place, returning to a stable life.