June 1 – Global Day of Parents


Global Day of parents was proclaimed at the 66th session of the UN General Assembly in September 2012. Since 2013, it has been celebrated “in honour of parents around the world” on the first day of summer, on June 1.

The purpose of the holiday is to remind the inhabitants of the planet of universal human values, to protect them as the basis of a strong and moral family. After all, it is the family that is responsible for the upbringing and development of children, for their growing up in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding.

Parents throughout the world, regardless of race, religion, culture and nationality, act as guides for the future generation, preparing little citizens for a full and productive life. They are the core of the family, the basis of the community and society.

The UN General Assembly recommends that all states that are members of the United Nations join the celebration of Parents’ Day. And it calls for celebrating it “within the framework of a comprehensive partnership with civil society, involving youth and children.”

It is symbolic that on this day, on June 1, the world has been celebrating another holiday for more than half a century, proclaimed in 1949 by the Congress of the International Democratic Women’s Federation and directly related to the family – International Children’s Day.