International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action


The International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action was proclaimed on 8 December 2005 by the UN General Assembly. In the corresponding resolution №A/RES/60/97 it was established to celebrate it every year on 4 April.

The purpose of this holiday is to call for the creation and development of national funds for activities aimed at demining in countries where explosive remnants of war pose a serious threat to the safety, health and life of civilians, as well as impede social and economic development at the national and local levels.

As the experience of recent years shows, mines still remain a formidable force and even received an additional impetus for development on the account of the introduction of the latest high-tech developments.

The mines are easy to install and can remain in combat position for many months and even years without requiring additional maintenance or any commands. They are not affected by either a change in the conceptual provisions of waging war at sea, or a change in the country’s political course. Mines wait and do not distinguish between their victim, it can be both a soldier and a small child. For this reason, this day is intended to draw the attention of communities throughout the world to this problem.

For more than 20 years, the UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS) has been dedicated to responding to the needs of people threatened by explosive devices, including civilians, peacekeepers and humanitarian workers. UNMAS saves lives by assisting in deploying UN Missions, deliver humanitarian aid, protect civilians, and support the voluntary return of internally displaced persons and refugees. Corps members participate in community rebuilding activities and campaigns aimed at advance international humanitarian and human rights law.

Unfortunately, the Donetsk People’s Republic is among the countries in which the mine threat is the most serious. Today, according to the UN, the total area of ​​mined lands in the territory of Donbas reaches 7,000 square meters. According to the OSCE, eastern Ukraine is one of the most mined areas in the world. In this regard, the Ombudsman calls on citizens to be careful when contacting with suspicious objects, in no case to pick them up and, if found, immediately contact the Ministry of Emergency Situations.