International community must admit Ukraine is waging war against its people – Daria Morozova to DNR-Online

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman Media News

In an interview to a correspondent of the DPR official website, Human Rights Ombudsman Daria Morozova spoke on the statistics of human rights violations in Ukraine, the response of the world community and the prospects for further development of the situation.

“There are problems such as violation of the rights of detainees, the right to a fair trial is not respected — sometimes, when I read the court verdicts, I can’t understand what they are grounded on. Even the question arises whether the judge has appropriate education for that, or he/she just passed the sentence that suited the special services. The right to receive pensions has also been violated, the UN has repeatedly stated that the payment of pensions cannot be tied to the certificate of an internally displaced person. Nevertheless, hundreds of thousands of citizens have to look for a way out, obtaining temporary residence permits through corruption schemes in order to receive the money, which the Ukrainian side ought to pay anyway. All the citizens had made contributions to the pension fund. Accordingly, pension payments must be provided for them,” she said.

The DPR Ombudsman stated that the human rights situation in Ukraine is very deplorable. Moreover, it is being aggravated by the upcoming election campaign.

“Citizens are under coercive and moral pressure so that they vote for a particular candidate, mostly for Petro Poroshenko. And the same situation has emerged in all other spheres, as already mentioned by international organizations. However, the world community either does not want to notice this, or they just turn a blind eye to such facts,” Morozova explained.

One of the most vivid evidence of Ukraine’s disregard for human rights in general, according to the Ombudsman, is a huge number of relevant decisions of the ECHR, “This is a very laborious and lengthy process, but this work cannot be abandoned. Instead, more efforts are needed. The more such decisions are made, the better foundation we have to prove our case, to prove the fact that there was a genocide in our territory, our citizens were being killed. It’s high time everyone admitted that the Ukrainian side is waging war with its own nation.”

Daria Morozova paid special attention to the increased criminal activity in Ukraine in the last few years.
“To begin with, many servicemen received certain mental disorders. And each of them comes home and shouts that he is a “veteran of the ATO” and so on. And, given the number of radical groups in all cities, it is very difficult for law enforcement agencies to do their job. Moreover, they cannot fulfil their duties, because the current government cannot pacify the radicals. And this impunity entails more series of crimes that are simply not solved,” she concluded.